How does the Tracking code of AffiliationSoftware work?

How does the Tracking code of AffiliationSoftware work?

Integrating the tracking code is the procedure that allows your affiliate program to connect to your website. In this way the affiliate tracking software will be able to recognize whether an action has been referred by an affiliate and will assign him the right commission automatically.

Affiliate Tracking Software

What is the Tracking code of Affiliation Software?

To automatically track the CPA commissions (sales, leads and actions) referred by your affiliates you have to connect your affiliate program to your website. To do that you just have to add the Tracking code provided by AffiliationSoftware on your website’s “thank you page”.┬áThe tracking code, also called a “tracking pixel”, consists in a simple HTML code, that is invisible to the users.

You can get your Tracking code on this page:

Admin Panel > Settings > Tracking

How to integrate the tracking code on your website

If you are using an e-commerce or a CMS system that is compatible with our Affiliate Tracking Software, just contact our technical support team, who will promptly send you specific instructions that will explain step by step how to integrate the tracking code on your website.

Compatible e-commerce and CMS

Request your tracking code

Advanced Affiliate Tracking Software

Conversion tracking is automatic, in real time, and works on all devices. Choose your strategy between Last-click or First-click and manage the tracking lifetime. AffiliationSoftware also provides more advanced conversion tracking solutions, such as: Postback URL, 3PP tracking, Post-View tracking and Lifetime commission tracking.

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