3PP tracking (Third Party Pixel)

What is 3PP Tracking?

3PP tracking (also called Shared Tracking or Conversion API) allows affiliates to insert their own tracking pixels directly into the AffiliationSoftware panel. When an affiliate add his tracking pixel he receives notifications of his referred commissions in real time.

Usually 3PP tracking is used when an affiliate needs to automatically register the commissions on his website or in his affiliate network (sub-network). Implementing this type of tracking can also be useful in case the affiliate uses services like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to allow him to count conversions.

How to add a 3PP tracking

How to enable 3PP tracking

The 3PP tracking is a plugin and as such it must be enabled by the appropriate page.

Admin Panel > Settings > Plugin > 3PP tracking

If you use the Business or Network version of AffiliationSoftware, make sure to enable 3PP tracking also in each campaign you need it.

Admin Panel > Campaign > Tracking settings > 3PP tracking

You can also choose whether to allow affiliates to insert their 3PP trackings directly, or to allow only the affiliate program’s administrators.

Admin Panel > Settings > General settings > Affiliates > Show/hide pages

3PP tracking types

If a tracking Pixel (browser-side) is implemented in the campaign, the affiliate can choose to insert a Pixel or a Postback as 3PP. If, on the other hand, a Postback tracking (server-side) is implemented in the campaign, the affiliate can only enter a 3PP Postback.

The affiliate can also choose whether to insert a Global 3PP tracking, which works on all campaigns, or a single campaign tracking. If both single campaign and global tracking is set, priority is given to single campaign tracking, which overrides the global 3PP.

3PP tracking variables

Affiliates can use the following variables to pass values in their tracking URLs.

  • [commission]¬†affiliate’s commission amount.
  • [order_val]¬†total amount of the purchase.
  • [order_id] system transaction identifier.
  • [ip] IP address assigned to the transaction.
  • [channel] channel selected by the affiliate.
  • [subid] the custom value passed in the subid1 parameter.
  • [subid2] custom value passed in the subid2 parameter.
  • [subid3]¬†custom value passed in the subid3 parameter.

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