How to understand if an Affiliate Program is reliable

At AffiliationSoftware we see hundreds of new affiliate programs created with our affiliate marketing software. Since 2008, from which we are in business, we’ve heard all the stories.¬†It is well known that there are honest and dishonest people on the web. This tutorial is dedicated to the affiliates, to help them protect themselves and recognize affiliate programs that pay from those who do not pay.

Check the company’s website or brand

The first and most important thing to do to verify if an affiliate program is serious is to check the main website or e-commerce. The questions are the following: Is this a reliable website? How long has it existed? Is it managed by a company or a private individual? Does it have a VAT number?

Carefully read the terms of the service

Another very important thing is to always read the terms of service of the affiliate program. You will find all the details of the affiliate program, including the owner data, the company address, the payment methods and, more generally, the all the regulation to be followed.

Beware of those who promise excessive earnings

Usually an affiliate program pays a percentage on sales of products or services referred by the affiliates. If an affiliate program offers too high commissions or without an economic return, most likely there is something strange. Remember that nobody gives money for free.

Contact the support and request information

In case of doubts or questions about the affiliate program it is a good idea to contact the support and request further information on the activity to be carried out and on the payment procedure adopted. Based on the response received it will be easier to decide whether to sign up or not.

Look for testimonials from other users

Lastly, we also recommend searching the web for testimonials of payments received from other users registered in the affiliate program. This is not necessarily a determining factor, because if they are new affiliate programs you will not find much information about them. It’s still worth a look.


We also remind that, as stated in our terms of service, we only provide to our customers the platform to create an affiliate program. The sole responsible for the use is the owner of the affiliate program.