How to integrate AffiliationSoftware with Google Analytics

Find out how to integrate the banners and links of your affiliate program with Google Analytics.

You can integrate your affiliate program with Google Analytics to view the exact sources of all traffic and conversions, even dividing it by single affiliate or advertising campaign.

Add the parameters to the banners & links

To integrate the banners and links of your affiliate program with Google Analytics, you first need to add some parameters, available in the tools provided by Google:


For example, let’s say your website is:

Once you add the parameters the destination URL added in AffiliationSoftware should have this format:[affid]

Of course this is just an example, you can enter your custom values.

Variables available on AffiliationSoftware

In the destination URLs you can use the following variables:

  • [affid] ID of the affiliate
  • [offerid] ID of the campaign
  • [clickid] ID of the Click
  • [channel] Channel, variable with predefined custom value
  • [s1] SubID1, variable with custom value
  • [s2] SubID2, variable with custom value
  • [s3] SubID3, variable with custom value

View reports on Google Analytics

Once the parameters are added, everything works automatically.

To view the sources of traffic and conversions on Google Analytics simply go to:

Reports > Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns

And select “Source” or “Source/Medium”.

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