Getting started

Getting started with AffiliationSoftware

Here is a tutorial that explains all the initial steps needed to configure your affiliate program before starting to recruit affiliates and generate profits!

Step 1: Settings and configuration

The first thing to do when you receive the login details for your affiliate program is to set up the main settings correctly, to do this just go to: “Admin Panel -> Settings”. In the “Configuration” page you can change the name of the affiliate program, your logo, your email and the hoempage of your website. In the “Payout” page you can set the payment methods and the minimum amount. In “Email and Pages” you can customize the email notification by adding the signature of your website. If you are not sure about a field we recommend leaving the default values.

Step 2: Campaigns and commissions

Before recruiting affiliates you haveto configure your campaign and the related commissions. You can set up a percentage commission (10% on each referred sale) or a fixed commission (1€ for each lead), to do this just go in: “Admin Panel -> Campaign -> Commissions” and edit the fields “1° tier commission” and “Type”. There are several types of commissions, including: Pay per Sale (purchase), Pay per Lead (sign up), Pay per Click, Multilevel, etc.. If you don’t want to use a commission just leave “0”.

Step 3: Banners and Links

The affiliates will be able to promote your website and your products by using the Banners and Links available in the affiliate program. To add banners and links just go: “Admin Panel -> Banners & Links -> Add new Banner” and complete the empty fields, without affecting the others. All the banners and links will be automatically visible in the Affiliate Panel, the user will only have to copy and paste the code into his website!

Step 4: Integration of the tracking code

The tracking code is used to integrate your site with your affiliate program, in this way all the sales / leads referred by the affiliates will automatically be tracked as commissions in the transactions page. Usually to you have copy and paste the tracking code in the “thank you” page of your site (the page that the users see after a purchase or signup). The default:  tracking code is in “Admin Panel -> Settings -> Integration”. Instructions are also available in our Client Area to integrate AffiliationSoftware with several of the most popular CMS and E-commerce.

Step 5: Link your affiliate program to your website

To ensure that the users can sign up to your affiliate program and promote your products just create a page in your website that describes the affiliate program (benefits, commissions, etc.) and insert the links to the registration page and to the affiliate panel in it.

Step 6: Test everything and begin

If you’ve followed these steps then you are ready to start your affiliate program! You can easily check if everything works by logging in to the Affiliates Panel and doing what a normal user would. First click on a banner / link to activate the tracking, then simulate a sale or a lead in your website, and finally check that all the stats and commissions have been properly registered in your affiliate program.

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