What is Display Advertising?

What is display Advertising?

Display advertising (also known as the banner advertising or banner display) is a type of advertising which uses a commercial visual message. Basically, display advertising entails promoting a brand through banners and images on any particular website page. It is highly visual. A display advertisement can take a visitor from the website hosting it, to a particular landing page or even the advertiser’s own website.

There is no doubt that display advertising is a big part of online advertising. That’s why our affiliate marketing software can help you create successful display advertising campaigns. AffiliationSoftware also allow to track sales in real time, to optimize the quality of traffic sent by affiliates and increase the conversion rates.

How does display advertising work for the advertiser?

Display advertising is all about generating more traffic to one or more websites by linking to them. At the same time, web banners can be used to inform and increase brand awareness just like any other forms of advertisement. However, their main function is to generate clicks. For that reason, they are clickable.

What is display Advertising
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Why is display advertising so effective?

One thing that makes banners advertising stand out from other forms of advertising is the fact that it is very easy to measure its effectiveness. Our affiliate software allow you to see the statistics of clicks, impressions, click-through. Rate (CTR), and even sales generated thought your banners in real time.

The success of display advertising boils down to the design and the message of the banners. As long as they are clear, concise and compelling, they will increase brand awareness tremendously. All you need is to know your audience and their expectations.

What are the benefits of display advertising?

1. Display ads are captivating
A display banner is designed to grab the attention of every web searcher and prompt them to click the ad and learn more about your products and services. Unlike text ads, display banners are very enticing, making it difficult to look past them.

2. It provides crucial data
Being able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts helps you know if you are on the right track. With AffiliationSoftware, you can track the number of sales on your banners and see if you are getting the most out of your time and effort.

3. It increases your brand visibility
Although display ads are used to target specific audiences, they don’t necessarily limit the online visibility of your brand. They are great for making you visible by a high number of the right prospects, even when they are not searching for your products.

4. You can customize it to target any market demographic
With AffiliationSoftware you can choose between 12 type of ads and customize your banners to reach a specific segment in the market. You can also be able to reach specific geographic locations.

In summary

Display advertising is a great tool to use as part of your marketing strategy. It allows you to be aligned with the demands of modern marketing trends and to increase your online sales. It also helps you find your target market and increase brand awareness in a effective and not intrusive way.

With our affiliate software you can easily setup your display advertising campaigns, let affiliates promote your banners’ products in targeted websites and only pay when you get a sale!

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