Communicate with affiliates

Communicate with affiliates

Communicating with your affiliates is essential to create successful partnerships. Our affiliation software provides several tools to simplify this process.


To send an email to an affiliate click on his email address. The default e-mail program will open and then you can send a message to the affiliate.

Admin panel
> users > affiliates


You can send communications to all affiliates or to a certain group of affiliates, using the newsletter module integrated in AffiliationSoftware.

Admin panel
> tools > newsletter

Simply select the recipients, enter the subject and the text of the message and then click on send.

To send a newsletter to specific affiliates it is also possible to select from the specific page and then click on actions > send.

Private messages

In addition to emails, it is possible to insert private messages, which affiliates see on their panel homepage.

Admin panel
> tools > private messages

Each private message can be visible to an affiliate or to everyone, and have an expiration date, after which it will be automatically deleted.

Contact forms

Both the sign-up page and the affiliate panel have a contact form, which users can use to send an email.

Emails are sent to the address entered in the general settings.

Account Manager

In addition to the contact form, you can also view a phone number and a Skype account. Affiliates can use this information to request support.

Admin panel
> settings > general > email > account manager


Every message sent through the affiliate program, both incoming and outgoing, is recorded in the logs and remains stored in the system for 30 days.

Admin panel
> settings (advanced) > logs > email

Followup (plugin)

Thanks to this plugin it is possible to program emails that will be automatically sent to new registered affiliates.

Admin panel
> tools > followup

Multilingual (plugin)

With the multilingual plugin you can manage the affiliate program in multiple languages simultaneously, including email messages and newsletters.

Admin panel
> settings (advanced) > email messages