Managing the affiliates’ commissions

How the affiliates’ commissions work

Each commission corresponds to an action (sale, lead, click, …) generated on your website through the promotion of an affiliate registered in your affiliate program.

If the tracking code was placed on your website, each time an action that you decided to pay is taken, the affiliate who has referred will be automatically recognized and will earn the respective commission.

Affiliate program's commissions

Each row corresponds to a single commission and contains all the details of it: date, time, amount, order number, IP address, source page, status, and so on.

Unless otherwise specified, each transaction is registered with the status “pending approval” so that you can check it manually and decide whether to approve it (and then pay it) or decline it.

AffiliationSoftware already includes 2 fraud protection systems: the first to prevent double commissions being registered, and the second to allow commissions to be tracked only on specific domains.

The commissions for the affiliates can be set in the campaign settings page. The commission amount is calculated based on the commission segment assigned to a specific affiliate.

How to manage commissions generated by affiliates

You can view all the commissions generated by your affiliates by going to the page:
Search a commission

Admin Panel > Commissions

To search for existing commissions, just use the search filters at the top of the page.

Edit a commission
To change the amount or other details of a single commission just click on the commission amount (in bold).

Change the status of commissions
To approve, decline, or delete one or more commissions simply select them, and then click the “Actions” button at the bottom of the page.

Add a commission
You may want to manually add a commission and assign it to an affiliate. In this case just click on the “Add commission” button at the bottom of the page.

What are the available commissions’ statuses?

In order to simplify the commissions’ management, on AffiliationSoftware each commission can have one of the following statuses:

The administrator has to manually check the commission that is “pending” and decide whether to approve it, or decline it depending on whether it is valid or not.

Approved commissions are valid and will be paid as soon as the affiliate reaches the minimum amount to receive the payment.

Declined commissions have not been accepted and will therefore not be paid. These commissions are automatically deleted after a few months.

All commissions that have already been paid to affiliates automatically change status to “paid”. Paid commissions are shown on another page.