How to track other affiliate platforms

How to track other affiliate platforms

This tutorial explains how to contact an account manager of an affiliate platform and what steps need to be taken to track an AffiliationSoftware campaign automatically.

Send the tracking pixel

The first thing to do, is to send the campaign tracking Pixel to the account manager, and ask him to add it in the “thank you page” or via 3PP (thrid party pixel). In most cases the account manager will be able to enter this type of tracking. This is the easiest solution as it does not require any variables and is able to automatically track all the affiliates’ conversions.

Use postback url tracking

If the previous solution is not possible, you can try with the Postback URL tracking, which sends server side conversion notifications. To track with postback, you have to add a parameter in your links, for example: &subid1=[clickid], and retrieve it in the postback url, for example &c={subid1}. In this case you should ask your account manager which variables you can use, or if they have a documentation to refer to, since each platform has different variables.

Manual tracking

If none of the 2 solutions above is available, the only alternative is to manually add transactions based on those resulting in the parent affiliate platform (maybe grouped by week or month). To help yourself, you can use the IP address of the click, or add a parameter with the identifier of the affiliate in the links. For example: &subid1=[affiliateid].

If you are our customer and you are having issues tracking with an affiliate platform, you can send us their documentation or the names of their variables, and we will help you integrate it with AffiliationSoftware.