Install an SSL Certificate on AffiliationSoftware (https)

Install an SSL Certificate on AffiliationSoftware (https)

Do you want to make your affiliate program more secure? AffiliationSoftware allows you to install an SSL certificate (https) in your affiliate program, ensuring that all data will be transmitted via 2048 bit cryptographic protocols.


An SSL certificate allows you to make your affiliate program’s panels accessible only via https. It also allows affiliates to use banners and links with https URLs, and to generate tracking codes with https URLs, both required on https websites.

How does it work?

Once the service is activated, we will install for you the SSL certificate on our servers and configure it in your affiliate program. Once we have installed the SSL certificate, your affiliate program will be accessible from the same URL, but with https.


The only requirement to use this service is to have an active license of AffiliationSoftware. The SSL certificate is also compatible for customers who have a domain or a subdomain pointed to the affiliate program.


The cost for this service is 17.95€/year, all included!

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