General settings

General settings of the affiliate program

AffiliationSoftware include many options to allow you set up your affiliate program based on your needs.

The main settings of the affiliate program can be found on the “general settings” page,  and are already configured for a correct use.

* Initially only the most important settings are displayed, you can view all the available settings by checking “show advanced settings”.

Admin Panel > Settings > General Settings

General settings: General

Website name
Enter the name of your websitea. It will be displayed in the title and in the footer of all the pages of the affiliate program.

URL Homepage
Specify the URL address of your website. It will be used to connect the affiliate program to your website.

URL logo
Enter the URL address of your logo image. It will be displayed on all pages of the affiliate program.

Local settings: currency
You can specify the currency to use in the affiliate program. You can choose a standard currency, for example: symbol (€, $, £, ..) or ISO format (EUR, USD, GBP, ..) or a custom currency, such as “points”, “credits” or “bitcoins”.

Local settings: language
All settings for configuring and managing languages ​​within your affiliate program are explained on this page.

Multilevel settings (plugins)
If the multilevel plugin is active it is possible to configure the settings of the multilevel matrix. Multi-level settings are shown on this page.

General settings: Email

Email address
Enter the email address of the sender, used in all emails sent in the affiliate program.

Sender name
Enter the sender name, used in all emails sent within the affiliate program.

Email format *
It allows you to choose whether to send email in HTML format (with images and links) or in text-plain format. It is recommended to use the HTML format. Every time you change this setting you have to adapt the texts of all the emails accordingly.

Background (HTML) *
You can change the default background color of all emails in HTML format.

SMTP settings *
Enables sending of emails via your custom SMTP mailserver. It can be used in case of problems sending / receiving emails. To activate SMTP you must complete all fields with your SMTP account configuration.

Affiliate-Manager *
These fields will be displayed on the “Help and support” page of the affiliate panel to get in touch with your Affiliate Manager. Just leave all fields blank to view the email contact form only. In the Network version of AffiliationSoftware these fields are overwritten with those of the affiliate-manager assigned to the affiliate.

In this field it is possible to add a personalized signature to be used in all emails (notifications, newsletters, etc.). To insert the signature in an email just use the variable [signature].

Email notifications
From here you can enable or disable the email notifications to be sent to the affiliate program administrator. For new commissions generated and for new registered users. You can also receive email monthly / weekl reports of all affilaite program statistics.

General settings: Sign up

All settings related to the configuration of the registration page are explained on this page:
AffiliationSoftware sign up page

General settings: Affiliates

Show homepage link
Allows you to choose whether to display the default affiliate link on the affiliate panel homepage.

Website settings (plugins)
Allows you to enable or disable websites for affiliates. Websites can be optional or mandatory and verified via meta tags or file uploads. They are used to group promotions or force the publication of banners/links only on verified websites.

Change name and surname
Allows you to enable or disable the edit of the “Name and surname” field by affiliates. It can be used to prevent account transfers or social region changes.

Show / hidden pages
Allows you to choose which pages to show in the affiliates panel and which ones to hide. In addition to statistics, the available pages vary depending on the active plugins,  displayed on the “Useful tools” page of the affiliate panel.

General settings: Campaigns

Track commissions 0 €
Allows you to choose whether to register the commissions with a value of 0 (zero) or not to register them at all. In the Business and the Network versions this setting is applied to all campaigns.

Use “nofollow” tags
Allows you to enable or disable the nofollow on all banners / links in the affiliate program. The attribute and ref=”nofollow” and relative nofollow header are useful for SEO, and can be also enabled at the single banner/link level.